Regularly performed professional teeth cleanings – also known as PZR or prophylaxis – are important for your health for many reasons. They not only reduce the risk of cavities and gum inflammation but also have a significant impact on your overall health, as oral health and general physical health are closely related. Let us prioritize prevention together.

Inflammatory gum diseases (caused by bacteria in plaques and tartar) can affect the overall body. These bacteria from the oral cavity enter the bloodstream and promote a variety of diseases throughout the body. Conversely, the same applies to many systemic diseases; they also have significant effects on your individual oral health and have been shown to increase the risk of cavities and periodontitis. Poorly controlled diabetes, for example, has been shown to worsen existing periodontitis. Conversely, untreated periodontitis complicates blood sugar control and exacerbates existing diabetes.

The regular, thorough removal of plaque and tartar as part of a professional dental cleaning also minimizes the frequency of strokes, heart attacks and miscarriages according to the same principle.

Did you know that even with excellent at-home oral hygiene, 40% of tooth surfaces are difficult or impossible to reach with a toothbrush? Often, bacterial plaque accumulates in these hard-to-reach areas, especially in the interdental spaces. Professional teeth cleaning of these difficult-to-reach areas effectively prevents the development of bad breath caused by bacteria.

In our practice, prophylactic treatments are carried out exclusively by specialized employees who have been specially trained in this field. Our dental hygienists work particularly gently and with the most modern equipment from Mectron, using the latest scientific findings based on the so-called Guided Biofilm Therapy. Hard and soft deposits, as well as discoloration, are removed particularly painlessly and gently, but extremely effectively and thoroughly.

We recommend our patients undergo a professional dental cleaning every three to six months after an individual assessment, as good oral hygiene combined with regular professional cleanings help reduce biofilm buildup, leading to better oral and overall health.