Fear is an unpleasant but normal and, in many cases, absolutely sensible feeling that occurs in every human being in all areas of life. Patients with an anxiety disorder (about 10% of the German population) differ from those with normal levels of anxiety by completely avoiding any dental treatment. In this pronounced form, it is referred to as a so-called dental treatment phobia.

As a result of this avoidance strategy, oral health deteriorates over time, accompanied by feelings of shame in both personal and professional settings, sometimes even towards the dentist. Rest assured, we have extensively and intensively dealt with this condition, so we are aware of your situation and your feelings.

We take the necessary time to give you the space you need to build trust in us. Therefore, we assure you that in the first appointment, we will only discuss what brings you to us and what you expect from us. Treatment will only take place explicitly when you feel ready for it. We have a variety of options available to tailor to your individual needs. And if your courage suddenly leaves you, we will see you again at a new appointment.