Our fully digital practice is equipped with CEREC technology (CE ramic RE construction) for your benefit. This highly-modern computer assisted procedure allows us to offer you dental restorations in just one single session. It means you can enjoy all the advantages of full-ceramic, highly aesthetic inlays and crowns, saving time and without the need for a temporary solution.

A traditional dental imprint, which often triggers a gag reflex, is no longer necessary for this high-end dentistry. Instead, the treated area is scanned using a high-resolution intraoral camera. The data is then transferred to our computer, where the dental restoration is digitally designed and sent to our grinding robot. This robot precisely mills the crown three-dimensionally from a full ceramic block. In the final step, the crown is adjusted and bonded in the mouth. This completely safe procedure, developed in 1980 at the University of Zurich, has been tested and proven for over 40 years, with its precision documented in more than 200 worldwide studies. Let us guide you into the digital world of dentistry.